Skin tags, moles, lesions and warts are common benign soft growths that grow on the surface of the skin. While most are harmless, some moles may be cancerous, precancerous or, like warts and tags, easily irritated and painful in individual cases. In cases where these lesions are at risk of being pulled, in an awkward position or suspicious, your dermatologist may suggest removing them. Surgical dermatology is another area in which Dr Temi is specialised. Not only does she take care to remove these lesions safely, but she also aims to leave as little scarring as possible when performing dermatological surgery.


At Dr Temi Awotedu Inc skin biopsies and surgical removal of skin lesions, skin tags, keratoses, warts and moles may be done with the following techniques:

  • Surgical excision – this may be done for skin tumours, suspicious or precancerous moles and lesions. It involves your skin specialist removing the growth with a scalpel and closing the incision with stitches. In some cases, the surrounding tissue may be removed as well.
  • Electrodesiccation - this may be done for precancerous moles and lesions and involves an electrocautery needle which burns and destroys the cancerous cells.
  • Cryotherapy – this is done for skin tags and warts. Your dermatologist uses a device to freeze the growth with liquid nitrogen.
  • Laser surgery – lasers can be used to remove skin warts and tags effectively.

Dr Temi specialises in general dermatology focused
on improving the health of the skin and treating
dermatology disorders for both adults,
children and teens.