As a qualified dermatologist with post-graduate qualifications in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Temi offers cosmetic dermatology treatments aimed at ageing skin to treat issues such as discoloration; sun damaged skin, dull, loose or lax skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Dr Temi is highly skilled in cosmetic dermatology treatments aimed at enhancing natural beauty with Chemical peels, micro needling and injectables such as botulinum toxin and fillers.


As the skin ages, it loses its natural plumpness, vibrancy and begins to thin and form wrinkles in areas such as the forehead, around the eyes and mouth. It can be caused by genetics, UV exposure and other external and internal factors but may be combatted with cosmetic dermatological treatments. Dr Temi provides the full range of cosmetic treatments to hide the signs of ageing that manifest in our skin and provide youthful looking skin. Cosmetic dermatology treatments that may be beneficial include chemical peels, micro needling and injectables.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are applied to the face, neck, or hands but can be used on other body areas such as the chest, back, shoulders and arms to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, freckles, acne, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Chemical solutions are applied to the skin, causing the skin to "blister" removing dead skin cells and imperfections, revealing the new layer of healthy skin beneath it. Chemical peels may vary in concentration from superficial or medium to deep peels depending on the goal for treatment.


Micro-needling is a cosmetic procedure done as treatment for acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines, deep or ingrained wrinkles and large pores. Using a device with fine needles, tiny micro punctures are made in the top layer of the skin. These micro-wounds then trigger collagen stimulation and cell repair, enhancing the firmness and reducing the appearance of scars, pore size, and stretch marks. These small channels made in the skin also allow ingredients in cosmeceutical solutions to penetrate better.


Injectables such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers are non-surgical cosmetic dermatology treatments done to rejuvenate the skin, slow the facial ageing process and give a more youthful appearance.

  • Botulinum toxin injections are used to smooth wrinkles and fine lines by blocking the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract, paralysing specific muscles, thus preventing wrinkles. Botulinum toxin injections are commonly for lines and wrinkles between the brows, eyes (crows-feet) and forehead.
  • Dermal fillers are cosmetic injectables used to diminish the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles or to create contours of the jaw and lips by adding plumping agents and volume to these areas. Filler injections are commonly used around the eyes, brow and mouth to fill wrinkles to create a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Contact Dr Temi Awotedu Inc to make an appointment and have your dermatologist evaluate your skin and advise which cosmetic dermatology treatments may be most beneficial for you individually.

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